Let the adventure begin!

Nicola Wardle and her daughter Emily.
Nicola Wardle and her daughter Emily.

THE spirit of adventure will come alive as the journey continues into Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge.

The fun-packed 24 set encyclopedia mixes up a fascinating concoction of amazing facts, colourful illustrations and activity ideas, with a sprinkling of favourite Disney characters adding to the magical exploration of the world around us.

In this week’s title, book six of the series, the focus moves to Great Travellers and Explorers, looking at a wide range of topics, such as people on the move, the search for spices, forced labour, celebrating identity, cultural fusion and the spoken word.

And while the books are predominately aimed at five to ten-year-olds, they are full of information for the whole family to enjoy.

Next week’s book will take the voyage of discovery around the globe in Atlas of the World.

Brown Owl Nicola Wardle, of the 6th Morpeth St Aidan’s Brownies, often helps her group look at different cultures and was happy to browse through the atlas to see what it could offer.

She said: “This is the second book we have read from The Wonderful World of Knowledge series. The Atlas of the World is fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

“The book is really appealing to adults and kids alike as it is both factual and entertaining and very easy to use as a reference book.

“These days when children are given fact-finding tasks for their homework it’s so easy for them to use their computers to research what they need to know at the click of a button. They may find what they need quickly and make a note, but by doing so they miss out on the thrill of opening an encyclopedia or atlas and flicking through the pages, getting transported to far-off worlds and being momentarily side-tracked by fascinating facts and phenomenon before they reach the pages they set out to read.

“The Atlas of the World does just that. It’s a wonderfully colourful book, with a clear layout and content that makes it easy for children to look up something in particular, but it also has the ability to capture the imagination and divert the eye towards many interesting articles and pictures.

“The book takes the young reader on a journey around the globe, presenting key facts and information in a logical, but thought provoking fashion, full of super pictures to fuel an inquisitive mind and with just the sort of trivia and facts and figures children love to learn and quote.”

Mrs Wardle’s ten-year-old daughter Emily also enjoyed a sneak peak.

“It’s a really interesting and colourful non-fiction book that is fun to read and look through. I really like the colourful maps and the amazing facts, and the index makes everything so easy to find,” she said.

And her three-year-old sister Amy did not miss out on the fun.

Mrs Wardle said: “I enjoyed flicking through the atlas with Amy, who was encouraged to look through the book by pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Pluto, and at the same time I was able to point out some pictures of things she would recognise, like totem poles and grizzly bears, and tell her where they came from.”

She added: “We have many books on our bookcases at home, but I am certainly going to make room for some more and continue to collect this wonderful series of children’s encyclopedias.”

Each book in the collection costs £2.99 and is available with the Morpeth Herald from participating newsagents.

If you have missed a title call into our office in Newgate Street, Morpeth, or call 01670 517171 and we can arrange for copies to be provided.