Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering results 2012

COMPETITION was strong in the traditional classes of the Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering this year as entrants entertained the crowds.

Various skills & talents are showcased in the festival, from arts and craft disciplines to writing and composing, with performance, orienteering and even fancy dress also rewarded.

Competitors came from near & far to put their talents to the test.

This year’s results are as follows:

Group A: Art & Craft

Art: 1 & 2 Lynda Swift (Morpeth), 3 Ray Quickfall (Blackhall Mill). Junior Art: 1 Andrew Laidlaw (Morpeth), 2 Luke Donnelly (Pegswood). Senior Art: 1 Sally Lawrence (Nottingham).

Photo: 1 Jem Soady (Cramlington), 2 & 3 Helen Soady (Cramlington). Junior Photo: 1, 2 & 3 Sally Lawrence (Nottingham). Exotic T-Shirt Photo: 1 John & Caroline Turnbull in Hiroshima (Woking), 2 Andrea Capitain in Troy (Cologne), 3 Andrea Capitain & Bettina Eschenhagen in Bremen (Hannover).

Open Plain Horn Stick: 1 & 2 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 3 Brian Thompson (Alnwick). Open Plain Horn Crook: 1 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 2 & 3 Paul Clark (Blyth). Open Fancy Horn Stick/Crook: 1 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 2 Brian Thompson (Alnwick), 3 Jimmy Turnbull (Chathill). Open Wood Stick/Crook: 1 Jimmy Turnbull (Chathill), 2 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 3 Paul Clark (Blyth). Open Fancy Wood Stick: 1 Brian Thompson (Alnwick), 2 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 3 K Douglas (S Broomhill), Highly Commended Paul Clark (Blyth). Open Thumbstick: 1 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 2 Paul Clark (Blyth), 3 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill). Open Half-Head Stick: 1 Jimmy Turnbull (Chathill), 2 Trevor Raine (N Broomhill), 3 & Highly Commended K Douglas (S Broomhill).

Silver Pheasant (most points): Trevor Raine (N Broomhill). Best Stick in Show: Jimmy Turnbull (Chathill).

Wood Sculpture: 1 Chris Jolly (Morpeth).

Patchwork: 1, 2 & 3 Linda Jewson (Morpeth). Canvaswork: 1 Freda Taylor (Ashington), 2 Jane Tweddell (Stakeford), 3 Rosemary Tweddell (Stakeford). Cross-stitch: 1 Maureen Wilson (Bedlington), 2 Jane Tweddell (Stakeford), 3 Maria Judith Caisley (Morpeth). Own Design Needlework: 1 Diana Blackburn (Cramlington). Needlework: 1 Isabel Douglass (Blyth), 2 Ann Dinsley (Cramlington), 3 & Highly Commended Rosemary Tweddell (Stakeford). Fine Crochet: 1 Isabel Douglass (Blyth), 2 Lynden Jobson (Ashington), 3 Linda Clark (Blyth). Wool Crochet: 1 Linda Clark (Blyth). Lace Knitting: 1 Jane Tweddell (Stakeford). Hand Knitting: 1 Heather Smith (Morpeth), 2 Jane Tweddell (Stakeford), 3 Susan Hine (Morpeth). Soft Toy: 1 Freda Taylor (Ashington), 2 Heather Smith (Morpeth), 3 Freda Taylor (Ashington). Hooked Cloth Rug: 1 Wendy Dunstone (Kenton), 2 Joan Tebbutt (Morpeth). Proggy Cloth Rug: 1 Sheila Wilson (Blyth). Macrame: 1 Freda Taylor (Ashington). Bobbin Lace: 1 Diana Blackburn (Cramlington), 2 Jane Tweddell (Stakeford), 3 Wendy Jackson (Blyth). Decoupage: 1 & 2 Mary Cowan (Ashington). Miscellaneous Craft: 1 Freda Taylor (Ashington), 2 Gladys Lambert (Blyth), 3 Alison King (Morpeth).

Easter Cracket: 1 Brenda Shotton (Morpeth). Dyed Pace Egg: 1 Brenda Shotton (Morpeth). Decorated Egg: 1 Jacqueline Laidlaw (Morpeth), 2 Andrew Laidlaw (Morpeth). Disabled Person’s Craft: 1 Ann Purvis (Pegswood), 2 Patricia Rescigno (Morpeth), 3 Barbara Gibson (Morpeth).

Wyn Bibby Ingenuity: Chris Jolly (Morpeth). Shop Window: 1 (tied) The Sewing Box & FH Hardy (both Newgate Street), 3 Boots (Bridge Street).

Group Costumes: The Blaydon Races by Morpeth Theatre Group & St George’s Community Players. Cushie Butterfield Costume: Su Elliott, Cushie character at Blaydon Races (Morpeth). Cuddy Butterfield Costume: Ray Alexander, Sir George Downing (York).

Group B: Writing & Composing

Song Writing: 1 How Many Miles to Blaydon?, John Homer (Rothbury), 2 Strangers on the Hill, Colin Storey (Fenham), 3 Recovering from Love in Northumberland, Beth Lister, Highly Commended: The Heroine of Morpeth Town, Tom Patterson (Birmingham). Melody: 1 Jim’s 90th Birthday Jig, Matthew Jordan (Alnwick), 2 Alison (Mrs Burford’s Wedding Waltz), Colin Bradford (Alnwick), 3 A Day on Muck, Brian Jacques (Durham). Composing Excellence: 1 Brian Jacques (Durham), 2 Colin Bradford (Alnwick), 3 Eric Davison (Ashington). Variations: 1 The Piper’s Pace, Rae Colville (Stirling), 2 Rights of Way Reel, Jane Waites (Barnard Castle), 3 Cushie Butterfield (Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire).

Novice Northumbrian Verse: 1 Ballad of Durham Jail, David Jewell (Cramlington), 2 A Reed Neet Reply o’ the Stotty, Peter Arnold (Hexham). Open Northumbrian Verse: 1 Dream of a Dawning Day, Nick Short (Hexham), 2 An Easter Disclosure, Alan C Brown (Newcastle), 3 Getting Away from it Aall, George Carrick (Cramlington), Highly Commended: Cloth Caps n Whippets, Herbert Savory (Kibblesworth). Northumbrian Prose: 1 The Ten Bob Note, George Carrick (Cramlington), 2 Ah’m Not Stoppin, Nick Short (Hexham), 3 Gannin Abroad, George Carrick (Cramlington), Highly Commended: Watter aka Adam’s Ale, George Carrick (Cramlington).

Stage Sketch: 1 Northumbrian Mummers’ Play, Peter Arnold (Hexham). Short Story: 1 Memories Are All I Have, Bill Kendal (Winlaton), 2 The Fume-a-Gallas Man, Carol Powells (Cramlington), 3 Two Summers & a Winter, Maisie Polwarth (Morpeth), Highly Commended: The Peppercorn Legacy, George Carrick (Cramlington), Girdlestone Moot, Nick Short (Hexham), Commended: Echoes of Laughter & Tears, George Carrick (Cramlington), Summer in Northumberland, Adrian McRobb (Cramlington), Before Midnight, Ian C Ashbridge (Cramlington). Essay: 1 Are Regional Dialects an Endangered Species?, Peter Arnold (Hexham), 2 A Question of Identity, George Carrick (Cramlington), 3 The Legend of the Long Pack, David Jewell (Cramlington).

Historical Article: 1 (special tied award) A Shadowy Figure, Morag Forsyth (Cramlington) & The Top Secret History of Blyth, David Jewell (Cramlington), 2 The Day of the Train, George Carrick (Cramlington), 3 The Disappearing Stairs: Case, Adrian McRobb (Cramlington), Highly Commended: Diary of a GP 1826 in Georgian Newcastle, George Carrick (Cramlington). Group Local History Project: 1 Goosehill Centenary, Morpeth First School.

Group C: Performing

Unaccompanied Song: 1 Anne Dolphin (Ovington), 2 Eliza Harthope (Newbiggin). Accompanied Song: 1 Jane Oxnard & Sophie Lynch (Stocksfield), 2 Eliza Harthope & David Greenacre (Newbiggin), 3 Anne Dolphin (Ovington) & Chris Jones (Wall). Traditional Ballad: 1 Ian Abernethy (Kelso). Folk Group: 1 Stocksfield Stompers, 2 Canny Crack (Ovington), 3 Burke & Homer (Rothbury). Junior Ceilidh Band: 1 Fetland Shudge (Stocksfield). Country Dance Band: 1 Redheugh Ceilidh Band (Gateshead), 2 Tyneside Fiddle Alliance, 3 Fetland Shudge (Stocksfield).

Intermediate Fiddle: 1 Sophie Lynch (Hexham). Open Fiddle: 1 Stewart Hardy (Seaton Sluice), 2 Peter Sloan (Edmundbyers), 3 Robin Dunn (Newcastle). Novice Smallpipes: 1 William Wood (Ouston). Open Smallpipes: 1 Maureen Davison (Morpeth), 2 Peter Dunn (Kettering). Most Promising Young Smallpiper: William Wood (Ouston). Instrument Solo: 1 Jimmy Little (Alnwick), 2 Anita James (Stannington), 3 Ruth Harvey (Blyth). Instruments Duet: 1 Jimmy Mitchell (Birmingham) & Ruth Harvey (Blyth), 2 Jimmy Little (Alnwick) & Susan Clark (Newton on the Moor).

Junior Clog Dance: 1 Amelia Ellis (Crawcrook). Senior Clog: 1 Jessica Creaby-Attwood (Chester-le-Street), 2 Hollie Morton (Stanley), 3 Eleanor Dixon (Winlaton). Novice Clog Dance: 1 Claire Hopkins (W Monkseaton). Open Pedestal Clog Dance: 1 Claire Hopkins (W Monkseaton). Northumberland Clog Championship (Open). 1 Rebecca Adamson (Wall), 2 Meg Wilson (Morpeth), 3 (tied) Jane Waites (Barnard Castle) & Claire Hopkins (W Monkseaton). Junior Clog Group: 1 Amelia Ellis (Crawcrook) & Eleanor Dixon (Winlaton). Senior Clog Group: 1 Tiffany Walker (Durham) & Rebecca Adamson (Wall), 2 Hollie Morton (Stanley) & Jessica Creaby-Attwood (Chester-le-Street). Clog Special Award: Amelia Ellis (Crawcrook).

Fine Northumbrian Speech: 1 David Jewell (Cramlington), 2 Nick Short (Hexham). Story-telling: 1 Chris Jones (Wall).

Group D: Orienteering

Open Men: John Phizacklea. Veteran Men: Ian Maxwell. Junior Men: Oliver Wright. Open Women: Kirstin Maxwell. Veteran Women: Eileen Maxwell. Junior Women: Aoife Lakey.