Natural blooms put a spring in the step of photographers

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Spring has finally arrived and Northumberland Camera Club is blooming marvellous.

Lots of us have been out photographing the flora, especially now the bluebells have burst into life.

At the time of writing, we are just a dozen people short of 1,000 members so a big thank you to everyone who participates in making our friendly group work so well. Keep on clicking!

Continuing the monthly theme of experimenting with varying shutter values, this week’s words are ‘Success’ and ‘Wild’.

l In last week’s column I talked about capturing our migrant bird visitors on camera during trips to the Farne Islands and Coquet Island. You cannot land on Coquet Island, but a trip around it is wonderful.

Dave Gray’s Puffin Cruises ( set sail from Amble and last around an hour. They cost £10 per person.

You’ll get close to puffin, there is a large grey seal colony on the seaward side of the island, which will often swim up to the boats, and it’s not unusual to see a pod of dolphin.

Dave Gray has kindly donated a Puffin Cruise ticket for this season to two lucky winners.

To enter, just answer this question: What mammal lives on the seaward side of Coquet Island?

Fill in the form and send it to us by Tuesday, May 29.