Nurse has a novel scheme

Pegswood author MC (Carl) Jeffrey.
Pegswood author MC (Carl) Jeffrey.

A BUDDING author has hit on a novel way of trying to secure a book deal.

Psychiatric nurse Michael Carl Jeffrey has always longed to publish a book and now the Pegswood dad is finally putting pen to paper.

But instead of sending his horror novella off to a publisher, Mr Jeffrey is posting it online in a series.

“This is my first real attempt at writing a book,” he said.

“I have a few friends who are established authors and they recommended that I do it free online first. If I get enough feedback and a following I can then go to a publisher with a little bit more clout behind me as opposed to just sending out a manuscript and it going straight in the bin.”

Mr Jeffrey has been inspired by American author Hugh Howey, who started off writing online and has now sold more than a million books worldwide in his popular Wool series.

The Pegswood writer’s book Ring Of Roses is set in Northumberland and is based on a plague.

He advertises it on Facebook and Twitter social media sites and encourages his readers to get involved in the plot.

“The plot line is done, but I’m writing it and developing it as I go along,” he said.

“There is an element where people can make suggestions and anybody who comments can have a character name. I’m trying to make it as personal as possible for people.”

The series has been running for about three weeks and so far 800 readers have logged on, with many giving encouragement.

Mr Jeffrey said: “It is really quite humbling to see the comments. It is quite a shock when people say such nice things about it.”

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