Photo competition is a knockout

Morpeth Camera Club, Leaf Litter by Davy Bolam
Morpeth Camera Club, Leaf Litter by Davy Bolam

Morpeth Camera club

Morpeth Camera Club held its annual photographic digital image knockout evening recently.

Morpeth Camera Club, Autumn in Paris by John Thompson

Morpeth Camera Club, Autumn in Paris by John Thompson

Steve McDonald led the presentation, and 90 photographs were submitted, with members having been invited to submit four digital images of their choice.

Mark Harrison, our digital projectionist, then entered the photographs into software allowing a computer to randomly select two images and project them at the same time on the screen.

The audience selected which image was to go into the next round until only two were left. In the event of a draw, Steve had the casting vote. No marks were awarded, and entries were anonymous until the final two were declared.

As usual, there was a wide range of interesting subjects, and although photographs appear at random, remarkably, two similar images can be pitched against each other. Alternatively, two very diverse images can appear side by side, meaning that any decision on which one is the better can only ever be subjective.

Morpeth Camera Club, Long Tailed Tit by Davy Bolam

Morpeth Camera Club, Long Tailed Tit by Davy Bolam

Pairings of colourful beach huts versus boat reflections, seabirds against old combine harvesters, gargoyles against a New York street scene, boiled eggs pitted against commemorative poppies at Ashington’s Woodhorn Museum and cloisters next to abstract coloured swirls highlighted the diversity of photographs submitted.

This is notoriously a very vocal evening, with groans as favourites are knocked out and laughter when a lone voter raises their arm, therefore declaring themselves to be the author.

Tension mounts as it becomes more and more difficult as each round commences, especially when two excellent images are pitted against each other.

By round three, 16 images remained, including a beautiful pastel image of a pier in the mist, a stunning girl in a cage, cloisters in detailed monochrome, a blazing sunset over Skye, an almost-abstract shot of Birmingham Library, a study of iridescent pears and a moonlit Eiffel Tower amidstarburst street lights.

At the end of the final round, it was declared that in third place was a very detailed, excellent image entitled Autumn in Paris’ by John Thompson, a photograph taken at an unusual angle of Notre Dame.

Davy Bolam attained both second and first place, with a charming photo of a long-tailed tit and the image voted the best of the evening, ‘Leaf Litter’, a stunning study of autumn leaves in square format.

Chairman Glyn Trueman thanked Steve for presenting and counting, Mark for his expertise, and all members who contributed a varied selection of images, after which coffee was served, concluding another great night at the club.

Anyone is welcome to attend three meetings with no obligation to join the club. There is, however, a small cover charge for each visit.