Photo find sparks memories

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POST-WAR celebrations are captured on camera in this photograph from 1919.

The image, pictured right, shows a children’s street party in Manchester Street, Morpeth, which is thought to have been organised to celebrate the end of the First World War.

Ninety-four-year-old Dorothy Robertson, who is pictured as a two-year-old, came across the photograph in a box of mementos.

She said: “I think I must have been the youngest child in the picture.

“It was a sort of tea party for the children of the street after the First World War.

“My grandfather George Flint lived in Manchester Street so I must have been at his house at the time.

“The photograph was in an old box. It has been in the house for a long time and I just came across it.”

Mrs Robertson was born in Morpeth and moved to Longhorsley at the age of seven. When she married, she moved to Cheshire, but returned to her home town in 1965 and has lived in the area ever since.

She is keen to know if any of her playmates in the picture are also still living in the town.

“I don’t know many of the people on the photograph, but there is a girl called Alice Oliver, who was a little bit older than me, and her brother Jacob.

“I don’t know if any of the people in the photograph are alive today because I’m 94 and I was the youngest child on it, but it will be interesting to know if anybody is around,” she said.