Photographer takes centre stage at new exhibition

John Williamson
John Williamson

A photographer whose work has taken him across the globe is showcasing his pieces in a new exhibition.

John Williamson, who lives in Bolam near Morpeth, is a self-taught photographer whose work has been published widely and earned him several prizes and awards.

Commissions have included pictures for magazines, calendars and travel companies, and he has taken part in numerous exhibitions and events, as well as running a website.

Mr Williamson enjoys photographing the countryside and coast of Northumberland, and he says some of the best scenes can be found in the UK.

But his passion for photography has seen him travel the world for his art, capturing scenes, landscapes, people and events, from the lavender and sunflowers of Provence to the tea plantations and stilt fisherman of Southern India and the grace and beauty of the National Dance Company of Cuba.

His latest installation can be seen at the Biscuit Factory Spring Season exhibition in Newcastle.

Titled Moving Pictures, the photographic art is described as ethereal in quality.

Mr Williamson said: “For some years now, I have been experimenting with my camera to form images with depth, perspective and proportion to create an impressionist quality, which is difficult to discern from an oil or watercolour.”

Biscuit Factory Curator Sam Knowles said: “John is the main featured photographer in this exhibition. He is incredibly accomplished and deserves far more recognition.

“The images in his Moving Pictures gallery depict scenes which he twists and interprets to retain the physical aspect of his subject, but in doing so, he creates an emotional connection with his audience.”

The exhibition can be seen at the Biscuit Factory until Saturday, May 31.

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