Photographic inspiration

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ON Tuesday, January 24, John Thompson, on behalf of Competition Secretary Davy Bolam, requested entries for the next Morpeth Camera Club inter-club competition.

It will be on a variety of themes and human figure, portraits or journalism, still life, interiors, landscape, flora and fauna, fantasy, myth, religion and legend were suggested.

The evening continued with a presentation of the NCPF International Salon.

Members were treated to an amazing selection of photographs of nature, travel, sport, still life, landscape and portraiture from Indonesia, South Africa, Europe, Argentina, Turkey, Taiwan, Holland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, India, Bahrain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Three of the images selected by the NCPF International Salon were submitted by Morpeth President Vince Rooker and Chairman Dave Illingworth.

This was a very inspiring evening that highlighted the high standard of work which is being produced throughout the world.