Pick up your free dinosaur book today

Dr Nic Best with the Disney book.
Dr Nic Best with the Disney book.

THE waiting is finally over and a magical journey into Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge can begin.

This week everyone who buys a copy of the Morpeth Herald will be able to pick up a FREE copy of Dinosaurs — the first book in a fabulous 24 encyclopedia set, featuring all your favourite Disney characters.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and the gang will guide children through a vast range of topics about the world around them, with fascinating facts, colourful illustrations and a full glossary of the more complicated words.

The collection is primarily aimed at children aged five to ten years, but with suggested activities to explore beyond the books, the whole family can get involved.

Some Morpeth children have already enjoyed a sneak peak and have given the collection the thumbs-up.

Two of them took a closer look at the Dinosaurs book.

Seven-year-old Sienna Roth said: “The book tells you about dinosaurs and when they were around and how long they were around.

“I liked how the pictures are set out and how the characters are different.

“I will read more of these books because I like the book, the pictures and the stories in it.”

Thomas Cunningham, eight, said: “This is a wonderful book of knowledge. This book is about different dinosaurs — the height of them and the length of them. Dinosaurs were the most successful animals that ever lived. They were the rulers of life on Earth for an amazing 165 million years.

“I will read more of Disney’s books because I really liked learning information.”

Other books in the series include The Human Body, Atlas of the World, Insects and Spiders, Sport, Great Inventions, Space and Famous People.

Next week’s title is Planet Earth, covering the story of our planet from its formation to the present day, with topics on days and seasons, earthquakes, rocks and fossils, oceans and seas, climates of the world, forests, deserts and helping the Earth, along with many others.

Morpeth geologist Dr Nic Best, a specialist in mineralogy and thermodynamics, hopes the book will encourage children to explore their environment and develop an interest in science.

“I remember reading books like this as a child and it helped to get me thinking in scientific ways,” he said.

“It took me a while to distinguish between the books saying this is what happened and the scientist saying this is an interpretation of what we can see, but these sort of books are a starting point for children to go out and have a look at rocks and cliffs and coastlines, and watch the news about earthquakes and volcanoes, and put it together to get a whole picture of how the Earth works.

“They can speak to a geography teacher about where would be good places to go and explore.

“The north Northumberland coast is a good place to start because it is like a delta environment, with fossils, coal and clay.

“I think it is important that children have an interest in the world and ask about things. This sort of book helps them to ask in a scientific way how things happen, such as how do we know the continents are moving, how do we know that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old?”

After the free Dinosaurs book this week, each following title costs £2.99 and is available only through our special promotion with a voucher from the Morpeth Herald.