Poet Jenny shares some special moments to treasure

A MORPETH poet could be soaring up the book charts after an anthology of her work was released.

Jenny Wallum has already seen selections of her work published in the National Poetry Anthology, Book of Dreams and What is Love? by United Press.

And so impressed was the publisher with the pieces that it has dedicated a whole book to Mrs Wallum’s work.

She said: “When I was at primary school the old headmaster told my mother that I would be a published writer one day. Who would have believed him? Astonishing.

“My poems are all born out of the everyday occurrences in my life and wherever I am living, although sometimes the poem about that place or event are not born until several years later. In many ways my poems are like a diary of my life.”

Moments To Share, published under Mrs Wallum’s maiden name Jennifer Gordon-Russell, includes poems inspired by her Northumbrian home and travels to Iran and the Philippines, as well as reflections and philosophical work.

While she can forget lines in some of her poems, the writer always remembers her Realisation piece, which she describes as her life philosophy.

Work that may be appreciated by her Morpeth friends includes poems such as Wansbeck Waters about the Telford Bridge toll house, Morpeth Summer Fair and St Robert’s Bell.

And while Moments In a Country Lane is accompanied by a photograph of Mrs Wallum’s daughter walking along a road in Iran, it is actually inspired by a track in Stannington, which she used to walk with her father.

“The actual visit from this poem was when I visited as an adult,” she said.

“He called the dog, Rufus, and me to join him for a walk. We visited that lane to drink up the feeling for possibly the last time as the new bypass road construction was poised to destroy it forever.

“Years earlier, when I was a child, he had done a similar sentimental journey when he had said, ‘look and remember because this place will soon be under a lake and they will have to move the gibbet’. It was Kielder.”

The book has come about after Mrs Wallum entered a competition to have a poem published in the National Poetry Anthology.

She submitted three pieces and was delighted when one was chosen from more than 10,000 entries.

United Press then contacted her to ask if some of her pieces could be used in other books, before she was selected as one of 50 poets on its 60,000 strong database to have her own book published.

Moments To Share costs £3. For more information, or to order the book, visit www.unitedpress.co.uk/featured-authors/featured-author-jennifer-gordon-russell