Proggy mats take a place at the picnic

MAT making is going large in Morpeth — and residents have been invited to take part in the community project.

Each year the Greater Morpeth Development Trust (GMDT) organises a major piece of artwork to link with its summer Picnic in the Park event in Carlisle Park.

This time around the Woodhorn Matters group, which makes a range of rugs using proggy and hooky techniques, has been asked to come up with something on the theme of medicinal plants.

Members have decided to make a 54ins by 54ins mat based on the medicinal plants on display at the William Turner Garden in the park, named after the ‘father of English botany’ who lived in Morpeth.

The middle section will be hooked by the group and the border will be progged by members of the public.

Sheila Wilson, a member of the group which meets in Morpeth Methodist Church, said: “The main section will feature the medicinal plants and so we are asking people to make it more colourful by adding bright flower designs around the edge.

“We are looking forward to the project and hopefully a decent number of local residents will take part and enjoy it.

“Those who are interested can speak to members at our stall in Morpeth Town Hall during the Morpeth Gathering, from April 29 to May 1.”

Once it is completed, the mat will go up in the building’s Butter Market.

GMDT Arts and Culture Group Director Frank Rescigno said: “Proggy mat making is a traditional north east art form but it is disappearing so we asked Woodhorn Matters to get involved with the project so that more people will be made aware of it and give it a try.”