Record entries beat the weather

Tea Ladies at Mitford Dorothy Laurence , Jan Dunlop ,Evelyn Scott and Wendy Talkes
Tea Ladies at Mitford Dorothy Laurence , Jan Dunlop ,Evelyn Scott and Wendy Talkes
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THE wet summer did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm for Mitford Village Flower Show as it attracted a record number of entries.

Organisers had feared the worst for produce classes this year as growers struggled to cope with the conditions.

But their anxieties were set aside when the crowds turned out on Saturday to show off their exhibits, or simply view the items on display.

Show Chairman Brian Talkes said: “It went extremely well. We had a record number of entries, there was a very happy atmosphere and a lot of people were buzzing around, including holidaymakers from all parts of the country, and people from local areas as well. They just popped in on the off-chance and all commented on what a great show it was.

“Despite the terrible weather that we have had over the previous few weeks, there was an amazing selection of vegetables and flowers. They really made a splendid show.

“We were worried that the entries would be down because of the weather, but thankfully a lot of people rallied round and whilst the quality of the exhibits wasn’t up to the best of standards, the numbers were very good. People were just saying, ‘we will show what we can and what we have got. You never know, even the very good exhibitors will be suffering this year’, and that is just what happened.

“We also had a lot of people entering the handicraft, bakery and preserves sections and that really helped to boost the numbers.”

This year’s show had a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee theme, with a number of special classes, particularly in the children’s sections.

All Saints First School and Chantry Middle School also got involved, encouraging their pupils to enter.

“We had a lot of support from both schools and we had almost an embarrassing number of entries from the year groups. We had all the walls covered with entries for the Jubilee classes. They really added an awful lot of red, white and blue to the afternoon,” said Mr Talkes.

“It was a very good day and a very good show. Everybody was very pleased with the efforts of the people who came with exhibits.”


Overall Winners and Cups

Preserves: J Dunlop; Bakery: I Bruce; Handicrafts: W Talkes; Photograph: P Cryer; Best In Show, Vegetables: M Brabley; Best In Show, Flowers: I Bruce; Best In Show, Bakery: V Filer; Best In Show, Handicrafts: I Bruce; Best In Show, Photograph: M Scott; Most Points Vegetables (Green Agriculture Co. Salver): E Evans; Most Points Flowers (T. Marshall Rose Bowl): E Evans; Most Points Veg/Flowers (Heighley Gate Challenge Trophy): E Evans; Most Points Dahlia (Chris Robson Cup): E Evans; Most Points Industrial (Shield): V Filer; Bruce Memorial Cup: W Talkes; Most Points, 7 and under (J W Gebhard Shield): Amelia Adamson; Most Points, 8 to 14 years (J W Gebhard Trophy): Victoria Elliott.

Gardens: 1 (Mitford Cup) J Hill, 2 W Talkes, 3 A Elliot; Best Container Display: 1 (Allender Salver) J Ratcliff, 2 E Alexander, 3 M Robson.


Three potatoes, white, any shape: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 T Filer; Three potatoes, coloured, any shape: 1 E Evans; Two carrots, long: 1 M Bradley, 2 and 3 B Laverick; Two parsnips: 1 and 2 B Laverick; Two carrots, stump rooted: 1, 2 and 3 M Bradley; One vegetable marrow: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 F Robinson; Six broad beans: 1 and 2 B Laverick, 3 B Talkes; Six peas: 1 and 2 B Laverick, 3 T Filer; Three beetroot: 1 M Bradley, 2 W Watson, 3 L Dodd; Six tomatoes: 1 N Robson; Three onions, Kelsae type: 1 E Evans; Heaviest marrow: 1 B Talkes, 2 and 3 E Evans; Three onions, from sets: 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 T Filer; Truss of tomatoes: 1 C Clemence, 2 B Talkes, 3 N Robson; One cabbage: 1 and 2 M Bradley, 3 E Evans; Six runner beans: 1 and 2 B Talkes, 3 L Dodd; One cucumber: 1 N Robson, 2 C Clemence, 3 B Talkes; Group of six vegetables: 1 E Evans, 2 T Filer; Three courgettes: 1, 2 and 3 B Talkes; Three sticks of rhubarb: 1, 2 and 3 B Talkes; One head of lettuce: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 G Clemence; Mixed herbs: 1 F Robinson, 2 T Scott, 3 W Talkes; Novice class, group of three vegetables: 1 N Robson.


One flower and one vegetable: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 C Robinson; Three dahlias, decorative: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 L Dodd; Three dahlias, cactus: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 B Talkes; Three dahlias, pom-pom: 1 and 2 E Evans; Bowl of dahlias: 1 and 2 E Evans; Fuchsia in pot: 1, 2 and 3 I Bruce; Vase of mixed garden flowers: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 T Scott; Three roses in a small vase: 1 E Evans, 2 P Addison, 3 I Straughan; Twelve sweet peas: 1 E Evans, 2 L Dodd, 3 W Talkes; Foliage plant: 1 I Bruce, 2 and 3 E Evans; Six asters: 1 and 2 B Talkes; Three gladioli: 1 and 2 E Evans; Single rose: 1 and 2 E Evans, 3 D Laverick; Three pansies, mounted: 1, 2 and 3: E Evans; Double begonia flower in glass: 1, 2 and 3 E Evans; Floating arrangement: 1 C Robinson; Flower arrangement: 1 D Laverick, 2 C Clemence; Small arrangement: 1 D Laverick, 2 C Clemence; Lady’s spray: 1, 2 and 3 E Evans; Gentleman’s buttonhole: 1 D Laverick, 2 and 3 E Evans; Flowering pot plant: 1 I Bruce, 2 and 3 E Evans; Novice class, vase of three garden flowers: 1 J Robinson.

Children’s Class (nine years and under)

Jubilee portrait of the Queen: 1 Charlotte Adamson, 2 Mathew Davison, 3 Cameron Craig; Handwriting: 1 Jasmine Haigh, 2 Kirsty Davison, 3 Finley Carville; Handmade jewellery: 1 Ellen Fenwick, 2 and 3 Amelia Adamson; A Buckingham Palace room in a shoebox: 1 Freya Burdon, 2 Jennifer Lee, 3 Rebecca Lee; Illustrated invitation to Queen’s Garden Party: 1 Amelia Adamson; Collage to incorporate Jubilee: 1 Suranne Dunn, 2 Amelia Adamson, 3 Isaac Asbury-Welfare; Jubilee bookmark: 1 Amelia Adamson;

Children’s Class (ten to 14 years)

Design a cover for a computer game box: 1 Natya Priestley-Leach, 2 Thomas Lewis, 3 David Johnson; Handwriting: 1 Freya Kim, 2 Harrison, 3 Megan Farrow-Tait; Model made from building blocks: 1 Samantha Stephenson; Photograph, special occasion: 1 Rowan Wasiejko, 2 Victoria Elliott; Group of three vegetables: 1 Victoria Elliott; Three decorated cup cakes, Jubilee theme: 1 Victoria Elliott; Hand made soft toy: 1 Natya Priestley-Leach; Knitted or crocheted square: 1 Victoria Elliott; A Jubilee card: 1 Victoria Elliott, 2 Samantha Stephenson, 3 Shona Smith.


Jar of strawberry jam: 1 P Glass, 2 H Dodd; Jar of orange marmalade: 1 J Dunlop, 2 and 3 W Talkes; Jar of any other marmalade: 1 H Dodd; Jar of raspberry jam: 1 W Talkes, 2 J Dunlop, 3 V Filer; Jar of any other jam: 1 T Scott, 2 M Straughan, 3 K Dunlop; Jar of any chutney: 1 T Scott, 2 H Dodd, 3 T Scott; Jar of lemon curd: 1 V Filer, 2 H Dodd, 3 T Scott; Elderflower cordial: 1 D Laverick, 2 J Dunlop, 3 W Talkes; Sloe gin: 1 S Wasiejko, 2 S Adamson, 3 W Talkes; Home made wine: 1 J Dunlop.


Fruit cake, own recipe: 1 V Filer, 2 P Glass, 3 P Grix; Round of shortbread: 1 V Filer, 2 T Scott, 3 D Laverick; Four oven scones, fruit: 1 V Filer, 2 I Bruce, 3 P Glass; Four oven scones, cheese: 1, 2 and 3 I Bruce; Four girdle scones: 1 H Dodd, 2 V Filer; Victoria sandwich: 1 I Bruce, 2 P Glass, 3 I Bruce; Lemon drizzle cake: 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 D Laverick; Chocolate sandwich: 1 A Stephenson, 2 P Glass, 3 G Fenwick; Apple tart: 1 V Filer; Four rock buns: 1 G Fenwick, 2 and 3 I Bruce; Four decorated cup cakes, Jubilee theme: 1 D Jameson, 2 G Fenwick, 3 H Russell; Four wholemeal bread buns: 1 G Fenwick, 2 V Laverick, 3 V Filer; Four white bread buns: 1 G Fenwick, 2 V Filer, 3 V Laverick; Cherry loaf: 1 V Filer, 2 and 3 I Bruce; Gingerbread loaf: 1 V Filer, 2 V Laverick, 3 P Glass; Lemon meringue pie: 1 I Bruce, 2 C Towns, 3 V Filer; Mini pizza: 1 and 2 T Scott; Novice class, any cake: 1 and 2 D Jameson, 3 H Russell.


Item of bead work: 1 and 2 V Filer, 3 J Dunlop; Any drawing: 1 M Dixon, 2 D Fenwick, 3 E Scott; Jubilee bunting: 1 E Adamson, 2 and 3 T Scott; Hand knitted or crocheted item: 1 I Bruce, 2 P Glass, 3 M Straughan; Embroidered article: 1 V Filer, 2 S Adamson, 3 M Robson; Hand or machine sewn article: 1 J Lawson, 2 W Talkes, 3 J Dunlop; Hand made greetings card: 1, 2 and 3 W Talkes; Commemorative Jubilee item: 1 W Talkes, 2 E Burdon, 3 V Filer; Any other item of craft work: 1 G Fenwick, 2 J Lawson, 3 F Burgess; Novice class, any item of craft work: 1 J Lawson, 2 N Priestley-Leach, 3 H Elliott.


An everyday object: 1 M Scott, 2 C Robinson, 3 K Dunlop; A portrait: 1 K Dunlop, 2 P Cryer, 3 T Scott; A song title: 1 P Cryer, 2 E Adamson, 3 C Robinson; Natural world: 1 P Cryer, 2 M Scott, 3 K Dunlop; Life in miniature: 1 P Cryer, 2 K Dunlop, 3 P Cryer; A ceremony: 1 K Dunlop, 2 T Scott, 3 K Dunlop.