Richard gives out some top photo tips

Morpeth Camera Club

ON Tuesday, September 17, club chairman Steve McDonald introduced Richard Speirs, a member of Morton Camera Club, who gave a presentation entitled Painting with Light.

His talk was based on the techniques of photography rather than showcasing his own efforts.

He explained that it was primarily associated with what he often saw while judging and that his aim was to encourage photographers to improve their work by just applying a few simple changes, or more importantly, by taking control of their camera rather than leaving it on the automatic programme setting.

Mr Speirs discussed the importance of composition, the use of the ‘rule of thirds’, point of focus, variations in horizon lines and taking several photographs of the same subject from different angles in making a huge difference to the final photograph.

Impact can be created by experimenting with depth of field, using the ground as a tripod for a different point of view, having the patience to wait for better light, using filters on a cloudy day, making best use of the foreground and making sure that the correct light balance is set.

Illustrated with his photographs, he showed examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ positioning and distractions which could take the viewer’s eye away from the subject and concluded that although rules of composition can be ignored, there are certain rules which are necessary in terms of how the human eye is conditioned to perceive shapes, light and direction to add impact to the final result.

Mr McDonald thanked Mr Speirs for a very interesting, thought-provoking and humorous talk, before the raffle and refreshments concluded the evening.

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