Robson Green show set for DVD release

Robson Green and the crew who filmed Tales from Northumberland
Robson Green and the crew who filmed Tales from Northumberland

An eight-part television series highlighting the beauty and diversity of the county, which was watched by millions of people, is being released on DVD.

Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green will be available to buy from Monday, although it can be pre-ordered now.

And he has said that the ITV programme has probably been one of the best pieces of work he has done in the last 30 years.

The popular show, which drew in weekly audience figures of around four million, followed the Wire in the Blood star as he travelled around the county of his birth.

Along the way, he visited iconic landmarks such as Alnwick and Bamburgh castles, Northumberlandia and the Farne Islands.

Green learned about the county’s history, from Harry Hotspur to the Battle of Flodden, stayed overnight in a bothy, took on the challenge of shepherding and even did some star-gazing.

The final episode, screened on Monday, December 23, featured Hadrian’s Wall, Kielder Water and his hometown of Hexham.

The programme has proved so popular its Facebook page has attracted more than 4,600 ‘likes’ and has been inundated with messages of praise.

One fan, Sarah Phillips, wrote: “I have loved every single moment of this wonderful heart-warming series, which has had me in tears during every programme.”

Another, Doreen Gordon, said: “This programme will do the tourist industry the world of good.”

People from overseas, such as America and Australia, have commented on the page, with some saying they have ordered copies of the DVD.

Jude Leitch, general manager at Northumberland Tourism, believes the series will encourage even more people to visit the county.

She said: “Obviously we are delighted by this. It is fabulous for the county and we are very excited by it.

“It was an entertaining programme and showed the county’s diversity.

“It made the county look like paradise and it will definitely have a positive impact.

“The big problem with tourism here is not the product itself but the fact that some people don’t know we are here.

“Not only was the show screened nationally, but it has been picked-up worldwide, and all it can do is help us.”

In November, Clive Sykes, of Sykes Cottages, said that searches on the company’s website for Northumberland holiday cottages increased by 23 per cent since the first episode aired on Monday, October 28.

The DVD can be purchased online at the likes of Amazon.