School has its own art attack

Art exhibition by students including Sophie Hall at Morpeth's KEVI School.'REF 0407130321
Art exhibition by students including Sophie Hall at Morpeth's KEVI School.'REF 0407130321

FROM portraits and plants to cityscapes and Cubism – the artistic talents of students in Morpeth are being appreciated at the town’s high school.

A new exhibition is showcasing the fine art pieces they have created as part of their GCSE and A-Level coursework.

Staff, parents and fellow pupils have been admiring them in the two main halls at King Edward VI School and the art department.

Megan McCoull’s final works for her A-Level, a series of portraits, were on display.

She worked from photographs of her twin sister Heather, cousin Ely and best friend Ellie. Her main inspirations were J.M.W. Turner and John William Waterhouse.

The 18-year-old said: “I enjoyed the process and they were all really helpful.

“For half of my paintings, I was working from different Photoshopped images of water movement with my photograph of the person because I wanted these pieces to be more imaginative.

“I chose to leave them ambiguous so the viewer can draw their own interpretation.”

She will be starting a history degree in the autumn, but she enjoys painting in her spare time and hopes to continue with it at university.

Tilly Gormley decided to do movement for her main GCSE project and the Middle Greens resident’s favourite painting was a portrait of her friend Honoria Brown, working from a photo of her jumping off a wall.

Some of Honoria’s work was also in the exhibition. Her chosen topic was close-ups.

“I really enjoy doing art as a subject because within the set criteria, you can paint whatever you like and it allows you to be very creative,” said Tilly.

“We’ve also done monoprints, ink works and even used tea bags and grounded coffee to create backgrounds.”

Honoria added: “My favourite painting is the one I did of an orange close-up because it gave me the chance to include a 3D effect.

“We were able to use different types of media together during the course and we did other interesting things such as mixing cooking flour in with the paint.”

Meghann Kerr, who will study art at AS-Level from September, had a range of works in the exhibition, including acrylic paintings, drawings and Cubist pieces.

The Longhorsley resident said: “I really enjoyed my drawings of buildings in Newcastle by the Quayside. The architecture is fascinating and I’ve looked to showcase this in my works.

“It’s nice to see a selection of what we (the art students) have done over a two-year period across the school.”

Other topics the pupils could choose from included journeys, effects of light and collections.

The display was organised by art teachers Paddy Haddow and Laura Summerson, head of department, who said: “We made sure there was enough space for each student to have their own section because we wanted to showcase the wide variety of fine art techniques and subject matter that they have covered.

“The GCSE and A-Level groups are both extremely talented and they have produced some amazing artworks. They should be very proud of what they have achieved.”

The pieces will be in place for the rest of the current school term and the first few weeks of the next one, which starts in September after the summer holidays.