School puts students’ skills in the spotlight

Sketchbook development work by Sam Kirsopp-Reed
Sketchbook development work by Sam Kirsopp-Reed
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A range of eye-catching pieces from talented A-Level Fine Art students at Ponteland High School have been put on display.

The art department was transformed into a contemporary gallery space with bright walls for the annual showcase of examination work.

This year’s exhibition ranged from paintings, colourful photography and mixed media to beautifully displayed sketchbooks and quirky installation pieces, with every student developing reflective and thought-provoking responses.

Meanwhile, 11 Ponteland High history and media students in Year 12 worked with two PhD students from Newcastle and Durham universities. They had been invited to make a personal response to archive material linked to the First World War.

They were split into three groups and their presentations, each used a different method, will form part of a film to be shown at the Tyneside Cinema on July 28.