Search is on for TV stars

TELEVISION executives are seeking people to take part in two programmes for Channel 4.

Restoration Man follows people who are restoring an historic property to its original glory for their own use, with architect George Clarke offering his expertise and delving into the history of the buildings.

Currently the North East is under-represented for the series and the production team is keen to find people in the region who are restoring unusual and historic properties such as follies, former military buildings, public toilets, lighthouses, stables, dovecotes, industrial, maritime or railway buildings, halls, barns and engine houses.

Owners must have full planning permission and finance in place.

Meanwhile, Raw TV is trying to find Britain’s most frugal people for a new documentary.

It would like to hear from thrifty individuals and frugal families who are finding new ways to save money, are serial competition winners, bargain hunters or voucher addicts.

For more information about Restoration Man email or call 0207 529 9447.

For the frugal documentary email or call 0207 017 1642.