Strength in depth is the photo challenge

Morpeth Camera Club, 11th December, 2012.' 4th place - Dunstanburgh with Sand Castle by'Sue Dibben
Morpeth Camera Club, 11th December, 2012.' 4th place - Dunstanburgh with Sand Castle by'Sue Dibben
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AT the December 11 meeting of Morpeth Camera Club, Vice Chairman Steve McDonald judged the results of his Autumn Challenge – Foreground Interest.

In photography it is important to create depth in an image otherwise it will look very flat and boring.

One technique that can achieve this is to use something like a rock, tree or other object in the foreground to trick the brain into seeing depth where there really is none.

Good quality of light and an interesting subject are essential ingredients.

So, each image must have excellent foreground and background interest to work effectively and it is important to try and think outside the box when it comes to putting this type of photograph together.

In this challenge, foreground interest had to form a significant element of the composition.

It was designed to push boundaries on landscape technique and aim for the highest quality images with high levels of viewer interest.

Members were also requested to include comments on why they took the image, what elements of it did they think made it more effective and what the author would like to improve or change if they could.

Mr McDonald, who has recently been selected to be a judge for the Northern Counties Photographic Federation, gave very constructive comments on each image.

He awarded fifth place to John Thompson for Glengarry and fourth to Sue Dibben, whose entry was called Dunstanburgh with Sand Castle.

Stella Close Up by Mark Harrison was chosen for third position, while Jeremy Cooper was second with In the Rain at Chatsworth Woods.

First place went to Mr Thompson for his image of St Mary’s Island in Late Autumn.

This was an interesting night with a high level of audience participation and discussion, which showed that everyone sees things differently when they are behind the camera.

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