Summer rain fails to dampen show spirit

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THE wet summer has taken its toll on home-grown produce, but it didn’t dampen the mood at the Middleton and District Leek Club Show.

The number of entries for the annual event was slightly down on previous years as growers struggled with the conditions.

But despite the battle against the elements, villagers turned out in force to support the show, and there was plenty of bidding at the auction of produce to raise funds for next year’s event.

Show Secretary Andrew Elliott said: “The show went a lot better than we expected.

“The way the weather has been the produce just wasn’t there and the quality just wasn’t there so entries were down, but the show went well and was very well supported by the local community.

“The standard of the leeks was very up and down. There were some very good leeks and some very poor ones. People’s leeks had gone to seed because of the constant rain. That also had an effect on the vegetables and the flower section was well down, but local people continued to support the show and we had a good turn-out.

“When it came to selling our produce we had one of the best sales yet. That money will go back into the club to go towards the prizes next year and running the club.”


Section winners

Leek Show winner: Jimmy Mills; Best Leek In Show: Jimmy Mills; Intermediate Leek: Mark Summerscales; Most Improver: Richard Mitchell; Dressed Onions: Allison Douglass; Vegetable Section: Jimmy Mills; Flower Section: Rachel Murdy; Industrial Section: Allison Douglass; Children, 12 to 14 years: Victoria Elliott.


1 J Mills (162.28 cube), Best Leek; 2 R Murdy (161.34); 3 A Douglass (157.07); 4 E Foley (118.68); 5 J Bertram (112.59); 6 M & J Summerscales (112.11); 7 B Robson (110.58); 8 R Mitchell (90.84), Most Improved; 9 T Middlemiss (86.46); 10 N Winslow (77.9); 11 J Klein (63.11); 12 L Thompson (60.95); 13 T Garnett (58.94); 14 Mark and Jackie, Ox Inn, (58.35); 15 I Johnson (57.59); 16 P Fairless (42.58); 17 A Scott (38.57); 18 P Hedges (27.72); 19 K Fortune (82.15); 20 R Bell (34.35); 21 T Bell (too long); 22 A Elliott (too long).

Intermediate leeks

1 M & J Summerscales (67.41); 2 E Foley (43.14); 3 J Bertram (37.85).

Dress onions

1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy, 3 T Bell.


Beetroot: 1 J Bertram, 2 A Douglass, 3 J Mills; Onion sets: 1 R Murdy, 2 A Douglass, 3 J Bertram; Cabbage: 1 J Mills, 2 A Douglass; Tomatoes: 1 and 2 J Mills, 3 R Murdy; Kidney potatoes: 1 J Bertram; Round potatoes: 1 L Carr, 2 J Mills, 3 J Bertram; Carrots: 1 and 2 J Mills, 3 J Bertram; Cucumber: 1 A Douglass, 2 J Bertram; Celery head: 1 J Mills; Five group of veg: 1 J Mills, 2 A Douglass, 3 J Bertram; Funny shaped veg: 1 J Mills; Turnip/swede: 1 A Douglass, 2 S Fortune, 3 J Mills.


Pompom dahlias: 1 and 2 R Murdy; Cactus dahlias: 1 R Murdy; Bunch of decorative dahlias: 1 R Murdy; Roses: 1 H Elliott; Gladioli spikes: 1 A Douglass, 2 T Middlemiss; Pinks/carnations: 1 and 2 R Murdy; Sweet peas: 1 H Elliott, 2 A Douglass; Chrysanthemums: 1 R Murdy; Floral decoration: 1 R Murdy, 2 H Elliott.


Plain scones: 1 A Douglass, 2 L Carr; Fruit scones: 1 R Murdy, 2 A Douglass, 3 S Fortune; Cheese scones: 1 A Douglass, 2 and 3 J Summerscales; Rock buns: 1 A Douglass, 2 J Summerscales, 3 R Murdy; Gingerbread: 1 A Douglass, 2 H Elliott, 3 J Summerscales; Quiche: 1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy; Shortbread: 1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy, 3 J Summerscales; Apple pie: 1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy, 3 J Summerscales; Plain sponge cake: 1 H Elliott, 2 J Summerscales, 3 A Douglass; Chocolate cake: 1 R Murdy; White/brown bread: 1 J Summerscales; Fruit cake: 1 L Thompson, 2 R Murdy, 3 J Summerscales; Toffee: 1 and 2 A Douglass; Fudge: 1 and 2 A Douglass; Raspberry jam: 1 R Murdy, 2 H Elliott; Blackcurrant jam: 1 R Murdy; Gooseberry jam: 1 H Elliott, 2 R Murdy; Plum jam: 1 R Murdy; Lemon curd: 1 R Murdy, 2 L Thompson, 3 A Douglass.

Children, 12-14 years

Bake cake and decorate: 1 Victoria Elliott; Photo of place/building: 1 Victoria Elliott.