Sylvia gave me food for thought


The Silent Mentor by Sylvia Mayall

THE Silent Mentor is a book set mainly in the Scottish Highlands – fans of Paulo Coelho will take to it straight away, as will those looking to delve a little deeper into themselves.

You won’t find any answers in the pages of this novel, there are just more questions and that’s a good thing.

The book contains a different message and will be read differently by each person.

I really enjoyed reading The Silent Mentor. It left me with a lot to think about and I loved Mick. He is a little mouse within the book and is very clever and very cute.

The story starts off with the narrator inheriting a bothy in Scotland from someone she doesn’t know and it sets her off on a journey of discovery to find out why and who this person was.

The book is full of real and intriguing characters that you feel you could walk down any village street and meet. Sylvia’s writing perfectly captures the atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands and its climate.

A perfect read for someone looking for something a little different who is on their own journey of self-discovery.