Take a journey from space age to Stone Age

One of the Cubs the next Disney book.
One of the Cubs the next Disney book.

HAVE you embarked on the magical Disney journey into The Wonderful World of Knowledge yet?

The fantastic set of 24 colourful children’s books makes an ideal starting point for youngsters to find out more about the world around them, guided by their favourite Disney characters.

Already readers have snapped up the first free Dinosaurs book and last week they took the chance to buy a copy of Planet Earth.

This week’s title, The Human Body, tackles health and anatomy, covering everything from body systems, the skeleton and the senses to keeping fit, eating for health and being yourself.

The encyclopedia is aimed at children aged five to 10 years, but can be enjoyed by the whole family, and there are plenty of fascinating facts and fun illustrations to keep everyone’s interest.

Next week’s book will explore different civilisations From Stone Age to Space Age.

So who better to preview what is in store than Morpeth Antiquarian Chris Hudson?

He said: “This attractive history book will tell you nothing about our North East, but a great deal about the broad sweeps of world history.

“Its 57 pages are almost sure to engage most children and will bring some new information to parents as well.

“Each double page spread deals with a single topic, such as Medieval Europe or Tang and Song China. Only a flavour can be given of each topic, but this is achieved quite well by use of a main illustration surrounded by short paragraphs of information and supporting pictures.

“Surprisingly, the book’s title is not reflected in the contents: The Stone Age and the space age only appear as sketches on a fairly comprehensive time line which it is good to see right at the start of the book.

“I can really recommend this book and suspect that this will build into a much-loved series.”

Each book in the series is available for £2.99 with the Morpeth Herald from participating newsagents.

And don’t worry if you have missed a title, simply call the Herald office in Newgate Street, Morpeth, on 01670 517171 and we can arrange for copies to be provided.