Talk on the wild side

One of Barry Payling's landscape photographs.
One of Barry Payling's landscape photographs.

Morpeth Camera Club

THE subject of this year’s Spectacular is Wild Britain.

Guest speaker Barry Payling is one of Britain’s top landscape photographers and he also works on assignments for some of the country’s top commercial clients.

His work has appeared in numerous magazines, journals and books throughout the world and he regularly exhibits at galleries across the country. His exhibition of British Landscapes, entitled The Hasselblad Prints, appeared at Brantwood, the former Cumbrian home of John Ruskin, as well as other prestigious locations.

He is among a unique and dwindling band of photographers who practise the art of ‘pure photography’. The technique of producing images in the camera without any computer manipulation, or the use of photographic filters on the camera, is something that Mr Payling pursues relentlessly.

A vast percentage of the photographs he takes are produced without even the use of the light meter. Shooting entirely on colour transparency film and using mechanical cameras, he does not have the advantage of zoom lenses or auto focus lenses.

His philosophy has always been that rather than manipulate an image using a computer, the essence of the whole picture taking process is to actually be there, to capture the moment as it was. Any manipulation is altering the scene and that, in his opinion, is denying any collector of Barry Payling International Fine Art Prints the spiritual feel of what was witnessed on the day.

If the collector visited the location after purchasing a print, it would be exactly the same, barring any seasonal or lighting differences, or alterations of an unseen nature.

The wilderness of Great Britain is an ever-dwindling area, but it can still be found, especially in areas such as the Scottish Highlands. He believes that being able to visit those areas and capture them on film, but in a way that means they are recorded exactly as seen, means a photographer captures that part of our geographical history.

Mr Payling will not only be giving a talk on his landscape photography, but also anecdotes of his associated adventures.

His presentation should appeal to both novices and professional alike and will encourage aspiring photographers to work on improving their camera skills.

There will be a raffle and proceeds from refreshments will be donated to charity.

The event will take place in Morpeth Methodist Church, Howard Terrace, on Tuesday, November 12, from 7pm. Disabled access is available.

Tickets can be purchased at Morpeth Tourist Information Centre in Bridge Street, or on the door on the evening, subject to availability.

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