That’s no fairy, it’s a leprechaun!

Fairy photos from Linda Barron.
Fairy photos from Linda Barron.
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THE Herald’s Killhope fairy story has taken a twist as the tale gets curiouser and curiouser.

Last week we reported how Pegswood mum Linda Barron had snapped some unusual pictures during a trip to Killhope Lead Mine and Woods in County Durham that appeared to show a fairy in flight.

But now locals have got in touch to tell us that it is not a fairy – it’s a leprechaun.

The cheeky chaps are usually associated with Irish folklore, but Lesley and Harry Smith-Felton say they may have migrated to the North East countryside.

The couple, whose land at Lanehead borders the Killhope attraction, met up with a friend from Londonderry at the Border Union Dog Championship Show in Kelso last June and when they returned home he emailed them warning that he had found some leprechauns in his bag and hoped none had made their way into their belongings.

They thought nothing more of it until November when they spotted small shapes glittering on the moor and have since seen them on their land, beside a burn and at the nearby Riggy Bog.

And after telling their Irish friend of the Herald’s fairy report, he confirmed that the images show ‘The Little People’.

Mrs Smith-Fenton said: “People probably think we’re bonkers and there are lots of tricks of the light up here, but there are lots of strange happenings.

“Very often on the moor the dogs will be galloping along and then suddenly stop and look into the distance and the horse suddenly sticks her head up and looks forward.

“There was a chap who used to talk about seeing fairies down by the burn as a child and there are a lot of things go on that we can’t explain.

“The people who work at the mining centre have a lot more stories.”