The Disney adventure continues around the world

Roger Ashmore
Roger Ashmore
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DIVE into this week’s instalment of Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge to take a look at the Wonders of the Sea.

The magical encyclopaedic journey reaches the deepest depths of the ocean to marvel at some of its creatures, as well as exploring the shores above, making an ideal starting point for a family trip to Northumberland’s beautiful coast.

As with all books in the 24-strong collection, the title is packed with fascinating facts and colourful illustrations, while your favourite Disney characters are at hand to add to the fun.

The books may be aimed at five to ten-year-olds, but people of all ages may be surprised at what they can pick up.

Next week the adventure continues with Great Travellers and Explorers — something close to the heart of Roger Ashmore, whose work with the Morpeth District of the Scout Association has encouraged hundreds of youngsters to go out and investigate different international cultures for themselves.

He said: “The Wonderful World of Knowledge has many excellent features for young people. It is not afraid of dates in history for those who want to know what happened before what, or what things were going on at the same time, but if you want to skip the dates you don’t lose anything either.

“Alongside this, it has attractive informal features, like many colourful illustrations on every page and a medley of Disney characters.

“Above all, this book is an intriguing introduction to the amazing diversity of the world that we live in. It ranges from Africa to China and from the Eskimos to the tip of South America.

“At every step we can learn about the food people eat, the songs they sing, the games they play, the stories they tell, the clothes they wear, the religions they follow and the languages they speak. Did you know that there are 5,000 languages spoken in the world? Nor me!

“All through the book there is an overview of how and why people have travelled and explored to find out about distant lands — many to trade, but thousands also on religious pilgrimages, to escape persecution or famine, or to further scientific knowledge.”

He added: “This is an encyclopaedia with a punch. It is a book to open up the minds of young people to the diversity of the world that we inhabit. It’s high impact design and attractive format will encourage readers of all ages to dip in and find facts to amaze them.

“Whilst we love to live in Morpeth, we can find out about the very different villages, towns and countries that other people enjoy living in too.”

Local children have also enjoyed a sneak peak at the book.

Jamie Turnbull, eight, said: “This book is a non-fiction book that tells you about travellers and explorers. It also has bright pictures. I liked looking at all the information, I liked everything about the book.”

Eight-year-old Lucy Coulson also gave it the thumbs up.

“This book tells us amazing facts, like English settlers and Wampanoag people preparing for the first thanksgiving. My favourite section of this book was travelling style because it has got lovely illustrations. I would love to read the rest of the series because the books are brilliant,” she said.

Each book in the collection costs £2.99 and is available with the Morpeth Herald from participating newsagents.

If you have missed a title call into our office in Newgate Street, Morpeth, or call us on 01670 517171 and we can arrange for copies to be provided.