Travelling through time

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YOUNG people in Northumberland hope to promote local history through the generations in a new exhibition.

The (r38 project, which means ‘create’ in the language used by programmers and online gamers, has been developed by teenagers across the county to give their own take on the recent Miners’ Picnic and Videogame Nation exhibition at Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives in Ashington.

The youngsters have worked with artists, illustrators and staff from the museum’s Time Travel Northumberland initiative, which aims to engage young people with the archives, to bring their ideas to life.

The Time Travel programme uses music, art and film to help young people boost their confidence and develop new skills.

Creative Mentor Juliet Hardy said: “It has been an amazing project and a real challenge for some of the young people to work in disciplines they have never tried before to create this work for this exhibition.

“They have been asked to visit places they wouldn’t normally go, interact in ways they never imagined and then go on to interpret their thoughts to engage other young people and wider audiences.”

She added: “(r38 is a young person’s interpretation of historical content. It is also an attempt to break down barriers that discourage young audiences using the archive.

“It has been a challenging process, but it has been very rewarding and I’m sure people will find the drawings and illustrations very interesting.”

The exhibition, which includes an interactive element and illustration competition, runs at Woodhorn until August 28. For more information visit