Winners show their skills at village show

First in the Flower class Juliet Brewster
First in the Flower class Juliet Brewster

THE sun shone warmly on this year’s Hebron Village Show.

Although entries were a little down on last year, there was still a range of high-quality produce on display.

The awards were shared around – for example, there were 12 different first-prize winners in the adult classes. Alan Davison judged the garden produce and there was a new judge for the household produce – Jeannie Dungait.


Garden produce – Four potatoes: 1 and 2 M Duffy, 3 D Dungait; Three onions: 1 K Baker, 2 L Bright; Three pods of beans: 1 M Duffy, 2 and 3 C Hill; Three eating apples: 1 L Bright, 2 L Mitchell, 3 T Roff; Three cooking apples: 1 P Kidd, 2 M Duffy; Three turnips or swedes: 1 O Dungait, 2 A Dungait, 3 B Dungait; One truss of tomatoes: 1 P Archer, 2 M Duffy, 3 K Baker; Largest pumpkin: 1 B McWilliam, 2 K Baker.

Household produce – Chocolate cake: 1 J Brewster, 2 J Thomson, 3 M Baker, highly commended C Hill; Lemon drizzle cake: 1 A Renton, 2 K Baker, 3 M Archer, highly commended J Thomson; Three fruit scones: 1 J Thomson, 2 P Duffy, 3 M Baker, highly commended A Renton; Jar of jam or jelly: 1 M Baker, 2 M Archer, 3 B Roff, highly commended P Duffy; Jar of chutney: 1 and 2 K Baker, 3 M Baker, highly commended P Duffy; Half-a-dozen eggs: 1 C Hill, 2 T Bright, 3 J Brewster; Fruit liqueur: 1 and 2 J Thomson.

Non-competitive classes – Vase of cut flowers: 1 J Brewster, 2 and 3 C Hill; Artwork: 1 V Block.

Children’s classes – Baking: 1 E Brewster; Vegetable animals: 1 E Brewster; Poem: highly commended E Brewster; Artwork: 1 and 2 S Thomson, 3 N Pell, highly commended S Pell.