Would the real David Bailey step forward?

David Bailey and his son, David Bailey from Pegswood and Blyth have taken part in a advertising campaign run by Samsung called #WeAreDavidBailey to promote their new camera range.
David Bailey and his son, David Bailey from Pegswood and Blyth have taken part in a advertising campaign run by Samsung called #WeAreDavidBailey to promote their new camera range.
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A FATHER and son team from Northumberland have snapped up the chance to meet their famous namesake and learn more about the art of photography.

David Bailey, from Pegswood, and his son, also David Bailey, were intrigued by an advert inviting people of their name to take part in a new photography initiative organised by Samsung.

The scheme included a world record attempt to have the most people of the same name in one place and the chance to meet iconic photographer David Bailey.

All those taking part would be given a new NX1000 camera, a workshop to learn all about its features and an ongoing series of weekly online photographic assignments to capture daily life.

The Northumberland pair decided to put themselves forward for the project for a laugh and earlier this month they joined 141 other David Baileys from across the UK in central London to begin the process.

Although the meeting fell just short of the world record, it proved an interesting experience.

Retail Manager Mr Bailey junior, from Blyth, said: “We thought it sounded like an interesting project so we got in touch with the people at Samsung and it was all organised from there.

“It was overwhelming in a way because everybody was introducing themselves to each other and they were all David Bailey, it was a bit surreal. The ‘real’ David Bailey photographer was there as well so it was even more confusing.

“It was a rather strange experience.”

After the introductions, participants were shown all the features of their new cameras, such as super-fast shutter speeds for action shots, built in wi-fi and an i-Function lens system, before they filmed a new Samsung commercial, including taking shots of glamorous fashion models.

They then took their cameras back home to begin their assignments, with the challenge to create images that top photographer David Bailey would be proud of.

The best photographs will be used in Samsung’s advertising campaign for the camera.

Mr Bailey senior, a retired offshore oil and gas industry senior manager, who is a former Chairman of Morpeth Conservative Club, is relishing the photographic challenge.

“I am a keen photographer, I’ve been taking photographs for some time now.

“Since I retired I’ve done a fair bit and I’ve always had great satisfaction in putting photographs together as a memento of a holiday. I’m quite proud when I look back at them,” he said.

“We were shown all the features of the camera and I’ve been using it over the last couple of weeks and got some good images.

“Myself and David Bailey are about the same age so I was around when he was associated with the swinging 60s, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and the rise of the Carnaby culture. I was well aware of all of that and all my life people have referred to David Bailey.

“I hope through this I’ll develop my photographic capability. When you think about taking a photograph before you take it I’ve found you can achieve better results.

“Straight away that’s what happens rather than just snapping something. I think I can get a lot better.”

Assignments so far have included self-portrait, commute to work and the Golden Hour, sunrise and sunset.

“The hardest thing so far has been looking for the sun in the last week or two,” said Mr Bailey senior.

His son is also enjoying the experience and hopes to show the beauty of Northumberland and the North East, being the furthest north of the contestants.

“I have always been interested in photography, but haven’t been very good.

“Hopefully, I will improve my skills through this, with a bit of practice and direction,” he said.

Samsung Electronics Head of Digital Imaging Nick White said: “We want to show that everyone can take fantastic photos, whatever their age, profession, or indeed name.

“Through our campaign with David Bailey we aim to show that with the right camera everyone can take shots like a professional photographer.

“The Samsung NX range is aimed at those with an interest in photography who want to graduate from a compact to a more professional style camera.

“It was great meeting all the other David Baileys.

“The idea of having loads of Baileys all over the place taking pictures is really different and funny.”