Book club offers its summer favourites

The Waterstones’ Book Club continues with more favourite reads recommended by the staff at the Morpeth book shop.

As the summer holidays are here, the staff have picked out some top books to read over the summer.

The top pick for fiction books this month is The Girl Who Wasn’t There by Ferdinand von Schirach.

When a controversial Berlin artist stands accused of murder, his only hope is a veteran lawyer who has his own secret agenda. A tense and compelling tale of suspicion and justice unfolds with twists at every turn. Think John Le Carre meets John Grisham.

The top pick for non-fiction this month is Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.

Dr Atul Gawande deals with a subject which all of us will face in our lives, our mortality. Writing from personal experience, he suggests that medicine concentrates on ‘fixing and repairing’ us, but tends to ignore the difficult conversations surrounding ageing and terminal care. This is a deeply moving and insightful book, which we should all read. If you enjoyed Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, you should consider picking up a copy of Being Mortal.

Finally, the top pick for children’s fiction is Clever Polly And The Stupid Wolf by Catherine Storr.

This modern classic is one which should be on all the bookshelves. First published in the 1950’s, it is about a not-so-clever wolf, think Wiley Coyote, who is trying to have Polly for his lunch. However, Polly outwits him at every turn. It’s a great book to share.