An inspiring evening for the camera club as speakers step in

Morpeth Camera Club

Due to bad weather, Richard Speirs, our planned speaker, was unable to travel from Carlisle, but we were treated to an audio-visual presentation by Gwen and Phil Charnock, former members of the Wigan 10 Group, a small group who joined together to share their enjoyment of photography.

The first sequence contained tips and examples for successful photography, such as filling the frame, being aware of backgrounds, using unusual angles and levels, removing unwanted elements, harmonising colours, shooting in all weather, and to save only the best.

A series of beautiful images followed using ethereal characters and bubbles set in woodland, demonstrating photo montage; combining separate backgrounds, figures and objects in one photograph. Next came the Charnocks’ favourite photographs of pre-digital experiments on negatives, burning, bleaching and using Vaseline and water on glass.

After spending time with Patrick Lichfield, they became professional; their presentation covered commercial photography, food illustrations, pamphlets, map books and holiday brochures.

Stark images of Auschwitz, vibrant colours of Marrakesh street scenes, and waves lashing against piers were included in their many favourites. Their inspiration is often taken from films, music and art forms.

A vast array of images confirmed the undoubted talent of Gwen and Philip Charnock, an evening from which members will certainly take inspiration.

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