Angela paints way to health

Anglea Wilkie who is hosting an Art Exhibition in Morpeth
Anglea Wilkie who is hosting an Art Exhibition in Morpeth

A Morpeth woman who turned to painting after suffering a devastating condition hopes to inspire others when she holds an exhibition next month.

Angela Wilkie will exhibit and auction off some of her original artwork at Morpeth Methodist Church on Saturday, October 15, in support of The Encephalitis Society.

Six years ago, she was affected by encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, following a viral infection.

She spent eight days in intensive care and a total of three weeks in hospital but has since then had to cope with Post Encephalitic Acquired Brain Injury Fatigue.

“Almost seven years later, I am still recovering,” said Angela, who used to own The Therapy Centre at Watson House, Oldgate. “However, my story is a positive one and I hope with all my heart that I can encourage the recovery of others.”

Just before falling ill, Angela had joined the Linskill Art Group to pursue her long-held ambition of learning to paint.

Angela said: “It was three years before I picked up the paint brushes again. I was trying to find ways of improving my concentration and giving some structure and enjoyment to my day as I was housebound due to restricted mobility.

“I was unable to manage more than ten to 15 minutes of painting initially as the concentration required caused fatigue. Now I can paint for up to 40 minutes at a time. Without doubt, painting has helped with my rehabilitation, my mental health and given me a new purpose in life.”

Angela has since turned her hobby into a business and formed Morpeth Fatigue Support Group which meets on the last Thursday of the month at Morpeth Methodist Church.

Angela’s exhibition, Giving Through Art, will run from 10am to 2pm. For those who cannot attend, bids can be made through her Facebook page, Angela Wilkie Art or by texting CBWA60 £3 to 70070.