Book sheds more light on wartime Zeppelin raids

An author, who is making a name writing books on wartime history in Northumberland, has published his latest based on the First World War.

Zeppelins Over The North East, by Ian Hall, tells the story of the airship raids that were carried out in the region during the Great War, in part using contemporary newspaper articles.

The first Zeppelin raid took place on April 14, 1915, and in all, the region was visited by 22 airships during the conflict. The raids killed many people and caused much damage.

Initially, the air defences were unprepared for these attacks, but as the war progressed, they improved, making the raids less effective. The defences were mainly based around the Royal Flying Corps, which flew out of a number of airfields, and a system of early warning was set up, including large sound mirrors that gave an extra 15 minutes’ warning of an approaching airship.

The book costs £4.50 and is available from

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