Ken’s dream becomes reality

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A Morpeth man has published his first book — a children’s story which has been five years in the making.

Ken Jackson, from Causey Park, works for his family business GK Jackson as a heavy vehicle recovery technician, fitter and MOT tester.

As a child Mr Jackson and his brothers drew cartoon sketches and his little brother had a character called Buckleup.

Mr Jackson said that one day he would make a book about the character — and now he has.

Sheriff Buckleup was published in June and has so far received great reviews.

Mr Jackson said: “I have always loved the story and tales of the American old west. The good guys and the bad and the towns, and this is where the book is set.

“I am a fitter by trade so love engineering and I love steam locomotives and the engineering behind them so I have one in the book. There are animals and some fun characters. I have tried to put in all the things I loved as a kid, also to make it more fun I have used some family names for the characters.

“It’s taken nearly five years to complete and it’s been a blast.”

He added: “I love country music and grew up with my dad playing it. That’s why the sheriff has a guitar. I’m also learning to play the Dobro, which is used in country music.”

A Facebook page has been set up for the book and it is available to buy on there, through Etsy, as well as at

It retails at £5.99 plus postage. It can also be bought at Northumberland Country Zoo in Eshottheugh and Whitehouse Farm Centre.

Ken hopes that it will soon be available to buy on Amazon.

The book has already made its way to Dublin and California.