Members show their creativity

Goth by Roseanne Robinson.
Goth by Roseanne Robinson.

Morpeth Camera Club

On Tuesday, March 28 Morpeth Camera Club held an informal evening, with 13 members showing work.

Zebra All In A Line by Myra Jackson.

Zebra All In A Line by Myra Jackson.

Alistair Cooper’s images included a woodpecker, which prompted comments on creatures in their natural environment, with depth of field suggestions on his image of a passion flower.

Chris Hills followed with an AV of observations of details of daily life that people often overlook, set to lively music.

George Sudlow was next with what he described as random shots, but were actually lovely natural history photographs. He explained that most of his photographs had been taken with his 400mm lens.

Kate Philipson’s image of snowdrops lining forest paths prompted discussion on brightening foregrounds and eliminating distractions. A lovely still life of tulips and gates opening to countryside were included.

Mike Weighall presented an AV of a visit to Northern Ireland, which was produced primarily for his family’s enjoyment. Shots included the Giants Causeway, boats, river scenes, cottages, mosaics and the Mount Stewart gardens, finishing with the Mountains of Mourne.

Myra Jackson followed with images taken on safari in Namibia, which included zebra with young, a mother and baby hippo, fighting oryx and a yellow billed hornbill vandalising a windscreen wiper. Her photographs were interspersed with facts regarding her trip.

Pat Wood showed sets of comparison photographs, firstly the originals, then digital infra red versions. Scenes at Woodhorn, Sheepwash Park, Wallington and Blenheim Park were transformed from coloured images to striking versions in white, grey and black, highlighting textures.

Audio visual was the choice for Paul Appleby. The first, Nature, displayed colourful macro shots of flowers, bugs, birds, fish and fungi. Miscellany included scenes at Wallington, Cragside, Italy and Madeiran graffiti, ending with still life and smoke patterns.

Peter Downs’ talk, entitled What if? displayed results of manipulation methods, showing examples of converting silver birch originals to linea abstracts and giving a colourful drilling platform a monochrome, high key, minimalist effect. Landscapes were transformed to give the appearance of watercolours.

Sue Dawson and Roseanne Robinson described a wet and windy trip to Whitby Goth Festival. Portraits were followed by shop interiors, portraying the atmosphere.

Summer was the theme of Mark Harrison’s presentation, with pictures of the Hoppings, seals, puffins and sunsets. He concluded with evening location shots using models and studio glamour shots.

To conclude, Glyn Trueman presented photographs of puffins, sculpture, fish eye panoramas, and ceiling patterns.

Chairman Glyn thanked everyone, especially new members, for submitting their work, providing a most enjoyable evening.