Mum’s writing has turned lives around

A Morpeth mum who turned to writing in order to turnher life around is now about to publish her first paperback.

Catherine Ferguson’s breakthrough moment came when she got the novel she had worked on for years – Humbugs and Heartstrings – accepted by HarperCollins digital division.

And they were so impressed with the sales of her first three ebook novels, which have topped 70,000 copies, that they are now publishing her next book – Four Weddings and a Fiasco – as a paperback for the summer.

Catherine’s brush with losses and debts led her to take a decision.

She was going to do things the old fashioned way and not live on any sort of credit.

She knew she could write so she worked as a cleaner if she could get the work (or sign on if she couldn’t) and write whenever she could.

There were no holidays as Catherine was determined not to buy things on the never never and she often went without so that she could try to treat her son.

She often felt bad when her son’s friends were getting new stuff and she couldn’t even really afford any treats for him.

She also used to dread Christmas and the stress of trying to afford presents.

The pressure of earning enough to keep a roof above their heads meant the writing took a long time but she kept the faith that, if she just kept going and believed, she would be able to finish the book and land a publishing deal.

She often felt guilty though that the path she was taking in trying to become a writer was not getting them out of their financial predicament quickly but she is now so pleased that she stuck with her plan.

Four Weddings and a Fiasco will be available to buy from June 16.