Photographic labours of love

Palais Id�al du Facteur Cheval.
Palais Id�al du Facteur Cheval.

Morpeth Camera Club

Morpeth Camera Club held its Audio Visual evening on January 15, an opportunity for members to showcase their images accompanied by music.

Some had never been seen at the club before, such as holiday shots, days out and family gatherings, and although very good, they would not be entered into competitions.

Audio visual presentations have to be a labour of love as it takes time to choose images, sort them into a sympathetic order and allow time for the viewer to admire them and read any text. The project has to have appropriate music and for many this is the most time-consuming part.

First was Mike Weighall with views of the Peak District. Villages, rocky outcrops, streams, dry stone walls, ruins, castles, waterfalls, the Monsil Trail and Hadden Hall all featured.

Next was Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval by Stephanie Robson, the true story of a French postman who built a palace in his garden with unusual rocks that he collected on his round. A fascinating account of his lifelong project, the presentation showed a remarkable building with palm trees, columns, arches and exotic animals, inspired by postcards he delivered.

Davy Bolam was next with Photographing Smoke. He had taken time to direct smoke trails to pass through a cheese grater, sieve and anything that would produce a different effect. A kaleidoscope of coloured smoke patterns were followed by pastel coloured swirls, which resembled fine voile.

Using flowers, Paul Appleby turned them into abstract images. Using different hues and saturation the flower heads were transformed into abstract patterns, waves, zigzags, circles, retro square blocks and ‘dripping’ petals.

Beadnell, by Sue Dawson, was a view of the coastal village and its shoreline. Starting with a globe of the world, it honed in on Beadnell, with its fishing boats, lobster pots, fishermen, children with kites, and wind surfers. It was accompanied by lilting Northumbrian music.

Isle de Re was Stephanie’s Robson’s AV. Situated off the west coast of France, and accessed by a long bridge, there were scenes of salt flats, poppy fields, hollyhocks and marinas.

Glyn Trueman presented Swaledale with its rolling valleys and villages. Images of Dalesmen’s cottages, dry stone walls, sheep, flowers and waterfalls captured the ambience.

Project Neon Lights by Davy Bolam showed striking images of neon street signs in Poland. These lights, which have been saved from the last regime, added amazing atmosphere, especially when graffiti, artwork and murals were enhanced.

An eclectic choice of subjects, all set to great music, contributed to another interesting night.

To conclude, Davy Bolam announced the results of his Christmas Quiz, where members were asked to identify locations and objects from photographs. The images and results can be viewed on our website, at