Rotarians snap to it for annual contest

Jeff Reynolds is presented with his prize by Ed Hillier and Rotary President Peter Scott for Best Overall Entry in the Annual Rotary Photographic Contest.
Jeff Reynolds is presented with his prize by Ed Hillier and Rotary President Peter Scott for Best Overall Entry in the Annual Rotary Photographic Contest.

Morpeth Rotary Club

Morpeth Rotary Club had some emergency action to take at the start of its meeting in view of the large number of refugees arriving in Bangladesh from Myanmar.

The club has arranged to pay for an Aquabox to be sent at once. It has the equipment needed to turn contaminated water into drinking water.

On a similar theme, two ladies from Morpeth Methodist Church Women’s Meeting Point, Secretary Catherine Harbour and Treasurer Jaqui Hill, presented a cheque for £590 to President Peter Scott to pay for a ShelterBox to be sent to a disaster area anywhere in the world.

This will be added to the £590 for a ShelterBox that was raised at an event at Peter and Vivien’s home as part of the celebration of their golden wedding.

Each box contains materials and items to provide a shelter and transform it into a home for a family with children.

Past President Rhona Dunn reported on a 24-hour sponsored sleep-out in Morpeth town centre, along with Alison Byard and Caroline Pryer, to raise money for Changing Lives, which provides support for homeless women.

It had been a cold night, but it raised £1,410. The group came across two homeless people who were sleeping rough in Morpeth during the event. It was possible to find a placement for one of them within a couple of days.

Support had also been given by a number of Rotarians for a British Red Cross visit to Morpeth by refugees. They included Syrians, Kurds and Ethiopians, some with children. They enjoyed the play activity, the interesting places they went to see, the social interaction and the catering donated by Morrisons.

The rest of the meeting featured the Annual Rotary Photographic Contest, which was being recorded in words and pictures by member Jeff Reynalds.

Six Rotarians took part in this highly contested event, entering 125 photos between them.

For the first time, it was judged by Ed Hillier, a teacher who had been an impressive judge at the Morpeth Contact Mental Health photographic competition. He said he was looking for quality, technical competence and how the subject was treated, but would be inclined towards choosing what appealed to him.

There were three categories for entries — Yesteryear, House and Gardens, and Holiday Photos. Many of the photos were scanned and projected instead of the usual table display and looking over shoulders.

Yesteryear was won by Kevin Dunlop with a photo of a can of oil next to a lawnmower. The House and Gardens winner was Gordon Bolton with a photo of a young blackbird that had made a not very elegant crash-landing on his lawn following a maiden flight. Holiday Snaps was won by Martyn Jenkins with an atmospheric shot of the harbour of an island in Normandy.

To his surprise, the member recording the event won the two further categories of Best Overall Entry and Best Single Photo. Gordon Bolton kindly volunteered to take over as event photographer.

The winning photo was of an Emirates Airbus transatlantic jet at 10,000ft, taken from the house and grounds of the 1386 Rector’s Pele Tower at Whitton during Rothbury Church August Summer Fair.