Fact-filled talk on the wonders of wool

Ulgham WI

Gillian Henry from The Wool Room came to talk to the members of Ulgham WI about the wonders of wool.

The privately owned company was formed in 2008 and the recently closed Morpeth shop was the first of the four UK shops.

We were told that products made from wool fibre can help our health and wellbeing through sleep.

Gillian eloquently proclaimed the benefits of wool, as well as astounding us with information, such as the ­average person produces 
half a litre of perspiration ­during a night’s sleep and a five-year-old pillow can weigh 50 per cent more than its ­original weight due to dust mites.

She summed up why we should sleep with wool products, saying they are flame retardant, have self-regulating temperature control, which leads to a more regenerative sleep, and reduce the production of bed mites, which has an impact on allergies.

She said that wool was probably the best fibre in 
the world, being 100 per cent renewable and biodegradable.

Those assembled then had an opportunity to look at and feel some of the Wool Room’s products.

If only we all had wool duvets or mattresses we could snuggle down to a good night’s sleep.