Fact-finding about fracking

hepscott wi

The July meeting of Hepscott WI was the last before our summer break and Dorothy Cowans opened proceedings with a lively account of her trip, as our delegate, to the AGM in Brighton.

President Lynda Wadge welcomed members and guests (our menfolk had been invited) and introduced our guest speaker Dr Eric Wade, fellow of Durham University and part of a research team looking at energy.

Dr Wade, having worked in the mining industry himself, had been invited to explain about fracking to us.

He began with an interesting presentation on the history of fracking both in the USA and the UK.

With the help of diagrams he explained the processes involved in shale extraction. As with all gas and oil production, fracking is only possible if the geology of an area is suitable, and to the relief, I suspect, of most of his audience, the necessary conditions are not present in Northumberland.

He assured us that a great deal of research and essential legislation is necessary before fracking can commence and the time lapse between initial drilling and production is about ten years.

At the end of his talk Dr Wade invited questions from his audience and everyone left feeling much more knowledgeable about this emotive subject.

Hepscott WI will reconvene on September 20 when Jan Golden will be telling us about a new look at fostering.

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