Food festival competition is jam-packed with flavour

Jean Read from J.R Jams.
Jean Read from J.R Jams.

Amateur jam-makers will be battling to become the pride of the preserves in a new competition.

The Morpeth Food and Drink Festival returns to the town next month, and a new feature of the event is the town’s first ever Jam Competition.

Entrants can choose any ingredients they like, from the traditional strawberry to more unusual combinations.

And the winner will be given the opportunity to have their jam sold in Morpeth Chantry.

The only limitation is that the preserve must be home-made, with judging criteria including clarity, colour, pack head space, consistency and the container.

Northumberland County Council Portfolio Member for Community, Infrastructure and Culture Val Tyler, who will help to judge the jams, said: “If you haven’t made your jam, just think of what you would be missing – those delicious smells filling your kitchen as the berries bubble and boil en-route to the jars, the experimentation of choosing different fruit combinations, and finally, eating the finished product on a cold winter’s day. These are the memories of jam-making.

“I am really proud to have been asked to be one of the judges and hope that this jam competition will become a valuable addition to the Morpeth Food and Drink Festival.”

The festival takes place on Saturday, October 4, and jam entries must be received by Wednesday, October 1.

For more information or entry forms, call 01670 510967 or email