Minute’s silence for a supportive and valued member

Acklington WI

Barbara Cock stood in for the President Sylvia Linnett.

She welcomed those present and asked for a minute’s silence in memory of a very valued and supportive member, Margaret Howie, who had very recently passed away. Barbara also read out a copy of the letter that Sylvia Linnett had sent to Margaret’s husband David expressing our sympathy for the great loss of Margaret to Acklington WI.

Apologies were received from five members.

Barbara held a very short business meeting by quickly going through the Northumberland News and list of events enclosed.

There were reminders for diaries/calendars, the Harrogate trip in September and Alnmouth Centenary event on September 13, and she asked if anyone was interested in the President, Secretary and/or Treasurer Workshops.

A letter from Julia Woolley, Warden WI, about her trip to Buckingham Palace was read through, along with an email from Celia Bouch saying how delighted she was to be chosen for the Century Anniversary WI Bursary.

Kath and Harry Gilbert were welcomed back with a slideshow of ‘Postcards from Brazil’. As usual their presentation was second to none, with excellent voice-overs and Latin/American music. It was a slideshow that encapsulated their trip. Barbara Cock gave the appreciation.

Tea and biscuits followed, with Kath and Harry judging the competition for a postcard, with the results being: 1 Barbara Cock; 2 Moira Peden and 3 Mary Guy.

We always give a warm welcome to any visitors or potential new members.