Event is music to the ears of Pont teachers

THE buzz of music is infectious and it seems this infection has spread to children throughout Ponteland, writes Jessica Rea.

More than 100 students from Ponteland High School, Ponteland and Richard Coates Middle Schools and Darras Hall First School joined forces for a day, which was dedicated to enhancing their talents.

Days such as these are crucial for the creative expression of children, as well as acting as a fun and exciting release from the regular day-to-day experience of school. The pupils benefited from the activity because music builds upon the essential skills of interaction and teamwork.

“We wanted to bring children from all the local schools together at a central venue to have an ensemble experience in a large group,” said Jill Walker of Music Partnership North, the hub for musical development in the North East.

With funding cuts making it more difficult to provide services dedicated specifically towards the creativity of students, the gathering of so many talented and enthusiastic young people was very much welcomed.

Ponteland High School’s headteacher, Kieran McGrane, said: “We have so many outstandingly talented students in our schools and it was fantastic to create an opportunity for them to come together during the day.”