Musicians impress with second concert

Guitar concert in Morpeth
Guitar concert in Morpeth

An audience of just over a hundred heard a lyrical and sparkling duet programme from John Mills and Cobie Smith, played with precision, warmth and obvious enjoyment.

The duo returned to Morpeth after their successful concert in the town two years ago.

This year they were raising funds for the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank and Mustard Tree Trust.

Prior to their performance, the Newcastle Guitar Orchestra impressed with its renditions of Vivaldi’s Concerto in D major, with soloist Morgan Buckley, and Grieg’s Holberg Suite.

They were conducted by Christopher Fox and Timothy Cranfield respectively, who were appearing for the first time in that role.

Three members of the orchestra formed the Avison Guitar Trio for the first time, performing an arrangement of Philip Glass’ string quartet company.

They raised £720 for the two charities.