Singer Amie voices her support for Eve

St Robert's Guides hand over a cheque to Ian Anderson following a pamper evening to support his daughter Eve, who has locked-in syndrome.
St Robert's Guides hand over a cheque to Ian Anderson following a pamper evening to support his daughter Eve, who has locked-in syndrome.

A MORPETH teenager is delighted to be lending her singing voice in aid of a special cause.

Amie Addison has provided the vocals for a four-track disc which has gone on sale to raise money for Northumberland nine-year-old Eve Anderson, who is believed to be the youngest locked-in syndrome sufferer.

And after performing the main song at three different locations to help promote it, sales of the CD have now topped 100, with downloads being purchased from other parts of the UK and abroad, including Australia.

Morpeth musician Pete Dodds, former member of well-known North East band Half Breed, wanted to use his songwriting skills to raise money for Eve, who is his neighbour’s granddaughter.

He wrote Heaven Holds A Place, but felt his voice was not ideal for the track and therefore decided to look for someone else to sing it. He chose Amie after he heard her sing on stage with family friend Peter Donegan at a local venue.

Brian and Irene Hume from folk-band Prelude were also asked to help out and Amie also covered their track 1000 Yard Stare for the CD, which includes Mr Hume on guitar.

The fourth song on the disc, recorded at the recently established Boomchang studio in Newcastle, is another Pete Dodds composition, Nagasaki Child, and this one features Mrs Hume. The other two are the radio edit and acoustic version of Heaven Holds A Place.

Amie, who lives in Lancaster Park, said: “I was very excited when Pete Dodds asked me to perform his song for the CD. I like singing and I did a GCSE in music so I was keen to be involved.

“I was nervous at first when I went into the studio, but once I got into the singing it became more exciting than scary. I’m also getting more confident about performing it after each gig and now I don’t mind talking between songs.

“The tracks on the CD are very different and it’s nice to listen to because of the variety.

“I’ve met most of Eve’s family and I hope to meet her soon. I’ve read about all the fund-raising for her carried out by lots of different people and organisations and it’s really nice that so many people want to help her.”

The 16-year-old performed at the CD launch in La Bodega, Newgate Street, and other awareness gigs at the Riverside Lodge, High Stanners, and the Cluny in Ouseburn near Newcastle.

She has chronic fatigue syndrome and is taking a year out after completing her GCSEs at King Edward VI School in the summer.

But she is managing her condition so she can perform on stage and Mr Dodds is writing more songs with her in mind so she can continue her development.

“My legs can get sore at the end of performances, but so far I’m feeling ok at the gigs,” said Amie.

“Hopefully, I will get to sing again at the Riverside this year and I can do a few buskers’ nights with Pete in the next few months.

“My family have been very supportive, although I have to avoid looking at them when I’m on stage because they get emotional when they hear the songs and they would get me crying as well.”

The CD is available at La Bodega and Snows in Bridge Street, and also as a download from iTunes and Amazon.

Eve, a former Stannington First School pupil, suddenly became ill almost two years ago and doctors at the Great North Children’s Hospital at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary discovered that she had an inoperable brain tumour. She was subsequently diagnosed as suffering from a form of locked-in syndrome with complications.

Although still aware of what is going on around her, she is unable to communicate with others and is now housebound for much of the time, being virtually paralysed and confined to a wheelchair.

St Robert’s Guides held a pamper evening before the end of last year and they recently handed over a cheque for £270 to her family.

Eve’s father Ian said: “We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed Eve’s progress and all those who have been involved with the CD and other fund-raising activities.”