The sky’s the limit

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A WORLD-FAMOUS astronomer has teamed up with a Northumberland musician for a cosmic collaboration which could prove to be out of this world.

Sir Patrick Moore features on a new single by Hadston-based singer-songwriter Carl Stiansen – who goes by the name of Carl Cape.

The Sky at Night presenter, 88, plays a star role by contributing a voice-over on the track, entitled Glittering Sky.

The beauty of Northumberland’s night sky inspired Carl to write the song.

It feeds off inspiration from views of the Plough constellation over the Cheviot Hills and the moors, as well as spending time at Kielder – a hotspot for star-gazers.

“Northumberland is one of the best places in England to watch the sky at night. It’s a beautiful glittering dark park,” said Carl.

He managed to secure the services of Sir Patrick for the song after interviewing him on Alnwick-based community radio station, Lionheart Radio.

He added: “I asked him if he would contribute a voice-over for a song and he obliged.

“Sir Patrick is a legend in science because he is so knowledgeable and he is one of the greatest ever communicators and as a musician, it seemed logical to ask him to contribute some of his wisdom to this song.”

Carl was keen to find out why stars twinkle so much here on earth and Sir Patrick explained: “Star twinkling is purely an effect of the earth’s atmosphere.

“The starlight travels through the earth’s air which is dirty and unsteady and shakes the light around.

“If you go up high in an aircraft, you’ll find that the stars twinkle less and if you are on the moon where there’s no air, you’ll find that the stars do not twinkle at all.”

Glittering Sky is available on digital services including iTunes and E-Music, as well as through Chevstar Records –