Half a century on and it’s as spell-binding as ever


IT may have been 50 years since Raymond Dyer wrote Wanted – One Body! But audiences who attended the fabulous production by St George’s Community Players in Morpeth last week were nevertheless spellbound whilst enjoying comical moments in this farcical chiller.

Solicitors Blundell (Jared Johnson) and Mickleby (Chris Johnson) arrive at the old mansion home of the late Charles Barraclough to read the last will and testament and following the revelations, the intrigue continues with the servants in a state of disbelief after being left lump sums of money. Blundell and Mickleby double up as detectives, eventually sussing out the culprit.

Blundell and Mickleby are superb in the leading roles, but Janet Robinson (Faith), Sue Elliott, accent and all, as Mabel, Emma Banfield (Anne), Martin Farrington (Johnson), Agnes (Joan Tebbutt), Roy Boulton (Dr Brown), Heather Robinson (Hope) and Graeme Trotter (Mr Sorrell) all played their parts to the full.

The stage set is a highlight and Jared Johnson, who directed the show, deserves maximum credit as it proved difficult assembling the whole cast for rehearsals.

“At the time of writing, I think we have only managed one such rehearsal so far and I suspect the next occasion might just be the week of the play,” said Jared in his programme notes.

Bearing that in mind, it was a first-class performance.