Highs and lows of a fast woman

A BIT of French pzazz is coming to Longhirst Village Hall next week.

Fast Woman by Stewart Howson is a play about the dancer, model, and racing driver Helle Nice, who was born in 1900.

She found fame on the Cabaret circuit in Paris and as well as her eye-catching performances, she posed for top French photographers.

But there was more to her as she enjoyed thrill-seeking activities as diverse as skiing, high wire acts and mountaineering.

Helle Nice even had a very successful motor racing career and was chosen to race for Bugatti, one of the biggest names in the business, in a custom-built car. This was brought to an end after a horrendous crash in South America, which she survived.

In her later years she had to deal with accusations of collaborating with the Nazis and her long-time partner absconding with all their money.

These highs and lows will be performed on stage by Sandra Hunt who, like Helle Nice, began her career as a dancer performing in cabaret and nightclubs.

It will take place on Saturday, September 10, from 7.30pm. Tickets, which cost £10, can be booked by calling 01670 790764.