It was Madness, but the crowds loved it

A GROUP of teenagers delivered some musical merriment in front of packed audiences.

After months of rehearsals, 28 Ponteland High School students put on four performances of Our House, including one for the Year 8 pupils at Ponteland Middle School and Richard Coates Middle School.

Photocall for production of 'Our House' at Ponteland Memorial Hall.'REF 0303143196

Photocall for production of 'Our House' at Ponteland Memorial Hall.'REF 0303143196

As a result of the high levels of talent at the auditions, the main parts were double-cast. The show took place in Ponteland Memorial Hall.

The uplifting tale of love, redemption, heartbreak and hilarity is set to songs by the band Madness and includes many of their famous hits, such as Our House, Baggy Trousers, My Girl and Driving in My Car. It splits into two versions of lead character Joe. One shows what happens when he chooses to face the music after breaking the law and the other when he decides to run away.

The teachers involved were Aly Burridge, Phil Noble and Christine Heath, who said: “All the students worked very hard and they showed a great deal of commitment as many of the rehearsals were after school and some of them were at weekends from January.

“They said it was a fantastic experience and the feedback was very positive from the audiences, who enjoyed the storyline and the high quality of the acting and singing.

“The students are now big Madness fans and it was good that the vast majority of adults in the audience knew the songs well.

“This is the third big show that we’ve done and Student President Craig Bettison, who played Joe for most of the performances, told us that he knows he wants to do performing arts as a career as a direct consequence of being involved in all three productions.”