WATCH: Sneak peek at Northumberland Theatre Company's Christmas show

This video features a preview of Northumberland Theatre Company's Christmas show, The Ugly Duckling, which starts its tour in Alnwick on Wednesday night.

The Alnwick Playhouse performance will be the first of more than 30 dates across the region of a new, re-worked version of Hans Christian Andersen's story by acclaimed children’s writer Neil Duffield.

The Ugly Duckling. Picture by Jane Coltman

The Ugly Duckling. Picture by Jane Coltman

The cast of just four actors will take to the road visiting small and rural venues with songs, dances and visual treats, which will delight audiences of all ages.

Doris Duck is awaiting the hatching of her latest batch of eggs, but bossy, self-satisfied Prima Donna hen and cocky Mr Rooster will keep interfering. The story follows the arrival of Desdemona Duck and her attempt to discover her real place out in the icy winter world, despite the meddling of her silly siblings Dilly and Dally. With her friend Kha the raven to look out for her, Desdemona survives the threat from those who want to befriend her for their own reasons and discovers who she really is. A story about growing up, finding your own identity and a mother’s struggle to protect her children or let them go.

Video by Jane Coltman