It’s back to tradition for lights

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New Christmas lights will be erected in Morpeth this year.

The town’s blue and white displays have delighted residents, visitors and shoppers over the festive season for the past seven years.

The old lights are coming to the end of their life.

Gillian Turner, Morpeth Town Council Clerk

But now, as the lights come to the end of their life, Morpeth Town Council has agreed to buy traditional red, gold and green bulbs to replace them.

The authority puts money aside each year to build up a budget for renewing the displays.

Town Clerk Gillian Turner said: “The Christmas Lights Committee met to discuss this year’s lights and decided that the old lights are coming to the end of their life. It has decided to go back to the traditional colours of red, gold and green.

“The blue and white lights were the town council colours, but they have been there for seven years, and the snowflakes on the Town Hall are eight years old now. The new ones we get will change in seven years’ time.”

Ms Turner told members of the council’s Property and Asset Management Committee that old usable lights will be placed in areas currently not lit up for Christmas.

“The canopy in the Market Place will still be there, we just need to replace some of the strands, and all of the blue lights still working, we will place those elsewhere in the town. In the past we have put the old lights in Castle Square and other places,” she said.

The new displays, which will be switched on in November, include swags and pole-mounted lights.