Tragic consequences of drug taking are highlighted to club

Morpeth inner Wheel

The first Inner Wheel meeting of the New Year was held at the Waterford Hotel on a very wet and windy night.

However, the ladies were warmly welcomed by their President Suzanne Hamnett, and a hot, tasty meal was enjoyed by all.

The speaker for the January meeting was the President’s daughter Hilary Hamnett, and she enthralled everyone with her talk entitled Toxic Tales.

Hilary works in Glasgow as a forensic scientist and she specialises in toxicology.

Her job involves checking out mysterious deaths when the doctors or police are suspicious about the cause of death, many of which are, sadly, the result of taking drugs, especially when the deceased are young people.

Member Vivien Scott gave the vote of thanks and expressed all of our concerns for the young people of today who have temptations put in their way by internet links, etc.

The Government is now concentrating on psycho-active substances, and we were informed that it is hoping to enforce a new law in 2016 to ban these hallucinating drugs.

Rotary club of Ponteland

The Rotary Club of Ponteland meets every Tuesday at Ponteland Golf Club.

Meetings alternate between lunch times for the first and third Tuesdays of the month, and evenings for the second and fourth Tuesdays.

New people of all age groups, men and women, are welcome to join the club.

Anyone seeking more information should contact member Alan Hall on 01661 860284 or email